v1.23 28.09.2013
  • Included CSS3 Transitions. See demo
  • Fix typo on main demo
  • Fixed opacity bug while carousel was hidden (thx seanjacob)
  • General cleanup
  • Removed goToFirst from options list.
  • Changed name goToFirstSpeed to rewindSpeed
  • Changed name goToFirstNav to rewindNav
  • Included responsiveBaseWidth options. Use it if you need responsivnes based on your own element width instead of the window width.
  • Included "owl.goTo" custom event
  • Included "owl.jumpTo" custom event
  • Included new width itemsTabletSmall : false
v1.22 15.09.2013
  • Better detection of touch events
  • Add active class if singleItem is true - It is not working now. Please include addClassActive:true option to get "active" classes on visible items. Works with any numbers of items on screen.
  • Changed option name from mouseDraggable to mouseDrag
  • Also added touchDrag to disable touch events
  • Fixed issues on Chrome working on windows 8 touch-enabled PC. Now touch and mouse drag events work together.(Thanks for help to Monsieur Moustache!)
  • Included base element in parameter for callbacks afterAction, beforeMove and afterMove
  • IE8 responsive fix
  • Improved autoHeight function
  • Added touchcancel event. That fixed Android Chrome scrolling issues.
  • Included Progress Bar demo.
  • Fixed some spellings
  • Slightly updated prettify style
v1.21 07.09.2013
  • Check if base.owlControlls are present before calling methods on them
  • Correct the spelling of 'controls'
  • Rename 'autplaySpeed' to 'autoPlaySpeed'
  • IE7 owl-theme css demo fix
  • disable class on navigation only if goToFirstNav set to false
  • Cleaner code (thanks to Stravid)
  • Added carousel selector element parameter to 'afterInit' callback
  • Changed scrollPerPageNav to scrollPerPage
  • Add active class if singleItem is true
v1.2 05.09.2013
  • Fixed capture click event
  • Navigation text accepts html now
  • Added goToFirstNav option and is set to true.
  • Added scrollPerPage option. For navigation only.
  • Added responsiveRefreshRate option.
  • Included five callbacks: beforeInit, afterInit, beforeMove, afterMove, afterAction
  • Included lazyLoad function with lazyFollow sub-option
  • Included autoHeight option.
  • Included jsonPath function with jsonSuccess callback
  • Included mouseDraggable option
  • Four new demos on landing page
  • Added Changelog and faq
  • Change Custom demo page